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I'm not really sure because I have no proof but, I am seeing what looks like people being able to duplicate. I remember when I first started Yoville. You could duplicate by clicking the item a lot of times when you were editing. I have not figure out what they are doing now to duplicate, but as you can see by the pictures attached....They are duplications!
From the beginning I thought it was unfair to duplicate. ( Kinda like Cheating ) However, one day while selling unwanted items. I myself was faced with the oppertunity to make "unfair" money....I of course decided this would be the thing to do since it was THEIR glitch so, I started selling items back to YoVille. When I would look back in my inventory the items would be back so I would sell them again and again. After about a week of doing this I was deleted! I could not believe they did this to me, after all it was THEIR glitch.
Anyway, what I am wondering.... Is this cheating? Or is it out smarting the system? Or is it taking advantage of THEIR glitch? I can't wait to see what YoVille does to them.....What Would You Do?

Rhonda YVC


 A sign that makes me go hmmmm? 

  ... ok, i love yoville and all but i have a question. the clothing store has a sign outside the store saying.... 50% this week. i would like to know what this means. is that 50% this week off clothes? up to 50% this week off of clothes? or is the store 50% this week full of clothes? i don't think its 50% this week off of clothes because some clothes aint cheap... especially costumes!  however, i do understand why some costumes are expensive. as Amber from yv has stated, "For those emailing just to complain about the price, considering the amount of work that went into these costumes, and the number of pieces that come with they are reasonably priced." it is a 50% sign that is probabaly there for just cosmetic purposes but, it gives me hope that some day there maybe a sale in the yoville clothing store, lol.

Marlin YVC


So here we are in the month of October and in the past few months Yoville has seen a few changes.There is now a East and West beach, on the East beach there is a lovely lady who will sell you beach wear and wonderful refreshments.What a wonderful addition to Yoville.Also we now have Yo Depot at our disposal,there you can buy wall and floor coverings,windows,kitchen appliances and cabinets,and of course the latest trend to hit Yoville is the teleport.The teleports are a real hot item and there are teleport communities popping up all over Yoville.The teleports really keep you connected:)Also new to Yoville is the 70's comeback.From the clothing to the furniture it's back and a hit in Yoville.Everywhere you go you see lava lamps, beaded curtains and who can forget the shag rugs.These are all must have items in Yoville today!
The clothes are very hip and happening too.It's like a blast from the past,and I am sure it is here to stay!Another trend that there is more and more of is the girls wearing the guys clothes and the guys wearing girls clothes.I myself have a pair of the guys shoes and a few pairs of guys pants.All in the name of fun and fashion.Truly it's all is good fun!
We are all still awaiting the arrival of the circus to Yoville I can't wait for the circus to arrive!Also there is much speculation as to the Speedway and what that will bring to yoville.Will it be something that we need here in Yoville or should there be something else to entertain in Yoville?We will have to wait and see.Also there is the Underworld still under construction.Not sure what that is about but we shall know very soon what it is.And last but not least is the new homes.Can't wait to see what they look like.I am not sure if I am wanting to move as I am very attached to my apartment though.Like all of you who haved lived in Yoville for a while I am sure you have done much work in your apartments too! From the major reno's to a bit of interior design,all are personal works of art.Nonetheless still much anticipation and excitement surrounds the completion of the new homes that are being built in Yoville...

Dee Dee 

With all-do respect to Marlin and his "green beliefs," I must say -

...thought there are 2 small pieces of "green evidence"...

I think that YoVille needs a lot of work! It's almost a dump- and one recycling bin and one "no smoking" sign DO NOT HELP!

 I have the pictures to prove it . . .


- Blair | Editor-in-Chief 

Gone Green?   

Hi everyone-

... and welcome to Yo Ville Central. As you know YoVille is a place where new friends meet, everyone chats, people play games and you build your own apartment. But there is one thing I have noticed in YoVille that has gone unnoticed..... (shock and awe) YoVille has gone GREEN! 
Yes, YoVille has clean streets, no cars, therefore zero emissions and every appliance sold in the Yo Depot is energy efficient. If YoVille happens to get cars in the future, you'd be sure they'd all be YoVille has taken "going green" to the next level. So as you are sitting at your computer, help OUR planet and turn off a light or the t.v. while you are playing YoVille.
Later, Marlin






Blair | Editor-in-Chief

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Events Reporter Amee has been spotted with the faceless man!  That's right YoVillians, the faceless people are back, this picture was taken just this week!!!  Amee also reported their heads to be spinning!!  What does all of this mean?  I guess we shall see!



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Date 11/15/2008
By Lilly
Subject clothing store sign

I just saw that they put a new sign "look out for new clothes every week"

Date 04/28/2009
By tammie hanson/
Subject Re: clothing store sign

look out for new clothes every week, huh. I have been a member now for 4 weeks and as of yet there is nothing new. in any of the stores.. I do enjoy yoville very much. however it does get boring when there is nothing new to buy or to re do your apartment/house in.. so please tell me when will there be new items. I have writen a note a week back and still no respons.. thank u Tammie

Date 01/24/2010
By Joce
Subject Re: Re: clothing store sign

pongan una tienda una ATH carros y aviones

Date 11/11/2008
By francis
Subject hacking or fake money?

one time when i saw an event (i have 2 million, sell me lots of rares) under the parties and music, i immediately go to the event and there is a yovillian name mafia a$$ and so as the other mafias. they asked me what rare items i have and i said i have lots of them. when they saw the rares, they immediately give a good offer. and i say ok its a deal. time go so fast that when i put all my my rare items and traded with the mafias, i thought i recieved the money that i wanted but instead i got nothing. i remembered that they first put 1 coin so that the computer might not say that it is a scam. then the money become 150k just under 5 seconds. i asked the fellow yovillians and said that it could be hacking or fake money. how do they do that? and please, i just hope that all the mafia scammers are deleted. hope yoville will send me a reply on this. thank you and have a nice day

Date 11/08/2008
By Robin
Subject New 2 story houses

Were advertised as having garages - they don't. Also many glitches; people can't get into some of my rooms "apt is locked" is the message they get. I'm a little disappointed after paying so much!

Date 10/18/2008
By Jimmy & Dee Dee
Subject We Love You Guys

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Date 10/14/2008
By Amee
Subject new website

hey just wanted to note that this new website rocks and is only gonna get better and better...thanks to everyone who makes it happen.....:)

Date 10/18/2008
By Jimmy
Subject Re: new website

the website is looking great everyone, keep up the good work!

see you in yoville


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