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ruKus radio is the latest DJ to swarm into YoVille!  His show is different from DJ Chatters.  Chatters plays mostly rock music, ruKus plays independent artists.  The show was fresh and fun.  Amee and I had a great time!  DJ ruKus was a blast, welcome to YoVille DJ ruKus, we love you!!!  Clinique|Events Editor


ruKus interview by Event Reporter : Amee


name:  Moestradamus         Trevor Quillan

age:              27                           3x

what you do for a living:  {MOE}We have real jobs. In the real world. Unfortunately. J


where you live or where your from:  Youngstown, OH


what do you like to do in your spare time: {MOE} Why, music promotion, of course!


what made you create the radio station exclusively for yoville? {MOE} Well, actually, the station was not created exclusively for YoVille. ruKus radio has been broadcasting live since 12:01am January 1, 2008. Before that, we recorded six and a half podcast episodes (the first one was half an episode). We recently brought ruKus into the land of YoVille and have had an amazing response!


how did you learn to have a radio station?  {TQ}  About two years ago, a musician friend of mine from the Pittsburgh area asked if I wanted to be a DJ for an Internet station. Always wanting to DJ, I jumped at the chance. The station played mostly mainstream stuff and I tried to bring in the more independent artists. I would do 3-hour shows of just Independent Artists/Musicians "The JamBand Breakfast". From there I learned all the "tricks of the trade," and after a short while, knew what I needed to do to start my own.


when and why did you start playing yoville: {TQ} Thought it was a funny name. Since we live in Youngstown, our nickname for the city is "The YO" or YoTown. I wanted to see what the deal was.


what are some of your favorite things in or about yoville? {MOE}  YoVille is amazing in its ability to bring such a huge network of people together. The socializing, networking, and advertising opportunities alone, are astounding.


what do you like about yoville? {TQ} We love to get the word out about these independent bands. So a Networking tool such as YoVille is amazing. Bringing Myspace, Facebook and whatever other aplication to the table. And to be able to talk to all these people at the same time is wonderful. I also really dig some RPS, and decking out my pad is pretty cool too.


what do you hate about yoville? {MOE} The ridiculous amount of scamming, and trolling for sexual activity in public places. I mean, come on. That's what internet porn is for.


A message to your fans? {TQ} Fans? Being that is listener supported, I would like to call them Supporters. Without them there is no us. These are the people who send in their friends' band's music or their own music. The only thing I can really extend to them is KEEP SENDING US TRACKS! Without our Supporters/Fans we would be DJing to ourselves, how much fun is that?


why did you decide to only do independent bands,music,etc.? {MOE} Youngstown, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and the surrounding area, is a hotbed of musical activity. That, coupled with the fact that we're both so into independent music and the underground, we thought it was only right to use this tool to help underexposed bands receive just the opposite! We love their music, and had a strong inkling that others would too. We're just doing our part.


what are you most excited about for the coming soon sections? {TQ} The underground. I want to see whats going to happen down that spiral drive. There are endless possiblilities. I also want so see where i go once i am VIP and hit the Night Club.


what is your take on the VIP sections and status soon to be happin? {MOE}  We'd love some more info on the subject. We don't know much about it.


how many ppl are involved with the radio station as far as running it? {MOE}  Well, for the most part, there are two primary operating entities: TQ, and myself. However, there are numerous integral players in the game. Hybrid Studios ( created SynchroniCity, our own little made-up world where ruKus radio theoretically broadcasts from, Dave Laird ( created the recently launched v2.0, and JimmyFro ( is another one of our DJs. And not to mention all of the amazing bands that have continued to fuel our drive with such bitchin' music!


anything esle you want ppl to know about you: {TQ} Like I said before, we are listener supported. We need you, the listener, to find us those cool bands that might not be already at our fingertips, or that have slipped through the cracks.  And do'nt be afraid we wont play it because it isn't good enough. How do you know if It's good or not if no one has heard it. Send us your MP3s to Just make sure you label them with the band name and title of the song.


*ruKus radio LIVE broadcasts happen a couple times a week, mostly on weekday evenings. We're currently revamping our schedules, so stay close to and for info on when we broadcast live!

DJ Chatters!!
Be sure to add DJ Chatters to your buddy list!  He throws a live radio party from his apartment every Tuesday and Thursday from 2 PM - 7 PM EST.  Dance to live music and chatter by the chatter bug himself DJ Chatters!, click the top banner and then click tune in!  Then you can sing along by texting the words to the songs and dance for free on his double dance floor!!  Bravo DJ Chatters!  YVC loves you!!!! Clinique|YVC Events Editor

Picture by: Dee Dee YVC Events Reporter


YoVillian Sean had a photo event!!  What a fun idea!  Sean was attempting to pack as many Yovillians as possible into his event room for a group photo.  I have definately seen more populated events but this was a good time:) 

Clinique - Events Editor

Politics can even get you fired up in YoVille!! 

Obama Rally Event covered by: Blair Delafuente - YVC Events Reporter


The instructions were clear and everyone complied!  Come drunk come all!  An entire room full of swaying attendees!!  This was a spooktacular event indeed!!

Reporter: Clinique |YVC Events Editor


Bathrooms have become one of the latest crazes in YoVille,

even the skeleton's have gotten in on the action!!!

Photo by Amee, YVC Events Reporter



Blair | Editor-in-Chief

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Events Reporter Amee has been spotted with the faceless man!  That's right YoVillians, the faceless people are back, this picture was taken just this week!!!  Amee also reported their heads to be spinning!!  What does all of this mean?  I guess we shall see!



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